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Did you know the power of love is available in multiple positions?

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fandom, we need to talk about something


We need to talk about the fandom gift economy. We need to talk about what it’s like to have a fic written just for you. To get a birthday present wrapped in an AO3 notice, or a Tumblr header, or an email, a gift that someone thought about, and worked at, and created from one of the happiest parts of themselves, purely from the pleasure they know you both share. From their mind and heart to your mind and heart. A gift you spread around, so that everyone else who reads that gift gets a little hit of the love between you, and makes it just a little bit bigger.

Bloody miraculous, if you ask me.


good morning! the sun is shining, the birds are chirping…

and this picture still exists 


Aight, I’ma go sleep now, but this post is to remind me that I really need to talk to someone about something that is kinda important? to me? but yeah, idk who to, but I need a third parties perspective and advice.